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If you are looking for nice holidays in India, envisioning a white sand beach, beautiful scenery with tranquillity and quietness, nightlife activities at the beach and of course, not to forget the good weather of West Bengal, then Digha is the magic word for you. Amongst the many Indian beach resorts, Digha is reputedly to be the most memorable and the best of the best option of West Bengal, India.

So what is there in Digha? Long stretch of sandy beach with a gentle rolling sea waves that lulls you to sleep. The sound of a rolling sea in its steady rhythm provides much needed resting environment coupled with the beauty of the nature, be it sunrise or sunset, little beach creatures or birds in the sky, or just loving families by the beach, Digha has never to have disappoint any visitors who seeks a quiet refuge from the bustling cities and hectic life.

There are mainly three seasons in Digha, namely Summer, Monsoon and Winter. Summer starts in April and continues to till June with an maximum temperature of 37 °C. Although cold wind from sea keeps the weather pleasant in this time. Next comes monsoon in July and lasts till the end of September. Digha generally experiences an average rainfall with high humidity in the monsoon season. Winter sets in October and lasts till February with a temperature range from 24-3 °C. July to March is considered as the best time to visit Digha as weather stays most pleasant in these times.

Even if you are looking for more than beaches in the Western part of Bengal and perhaps some sightseeing or activities, fear not, we have loads of activities in this district both to accommodate families and individuals. These are but some suggestions:

a)      At New Digha, the extension of the Old Digha, attracts many adventurous water sports for those hard cores and thrill seekers. Families may take a trip in a traditional Indian fishing boat for the experience of a life time to see the power of Indians in paddling the boat.

b)      With just a boat ride to a small lake, Amravati lake, you will be able to learn and watch snakes from afar safely. It is well known as the Snake Farm.

c)      Sea food restaurants are available alongside these beautiful beaches. With the flowing fresh sea creatures that the fishermen had caught early that day, will be brought to these restaurants to meet the demands of visitors.

d)      For those who want to incorporate some educations in their vacationing, Digha is also a centre for science learning centre. It is called the Science Centre. This governmental funded Science Centre is to present and educate the beauty of science and to show how science is part of our daily usage in life.

For more activities in Digha, please refer to Places to Go

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We, the Ownland Hotels & Resorts of Digha, offers the best to accommodate your needs. We are perfectly situated in a strategic location that is within 5minutes walking distance to the Old Digha beach. Our location preserves the quiet amber and comfortable environment away from the heavy traffic and hustling areas. We provide understanding and polite staffs with good communication skills to convey and help our guests. As a professional Indian beach resort, we provide

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